We Gooey Slimes

Rietveld Uncut 2021—Resilient Body
Online Exhibition, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

We Gooey Slimes, 2021

3D scanned ceramics, 3D animated objects

Do our bodies exist to be clean and smooth, free from viruses or dirt and constantly functional? Is my body truly mine, separated from the outside world and autonomous? Or is it a boundaryless material that is intertwined, mounted and cuddled, soggy and slimy?

George Bataille said dirt is the essence of eroticism. Yet the history of civilisation has progressed in a direction that has driven out all nausea, repugnance and disgust. What is left is perfectly controlled hygiene and clarity. We Gooey Slimes deals with the uncontrollable, unclear state of a body with collapsed boundaries. While this may seem undesirable to many, it may actually be our truest self.

© Sunwoo Jung