Rethinking Bauhaus exhibition, 2019
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

According to Bauhaus design, form follows function. We have been surrounded by modernist design for over one hundred years. Things that are designed to fit the industrial production system are convenient, functional, practical and economical. But there’s no occasion for us to view and appreciate these objects outside of their functional context. On the other hand, sculptures intrigue us and stimulate our curiosity and emotions. But sculptures don’t exist everywhere in everyday life and by being shown mostly in the context of exhibitions or collections create a certain distance between people and the objects.

My starting point was this question: Can’t furniture exist in our daily lives with the characteristics of sculpture? And what if sculpture took on the properties of furniture? With this work, I would like to ask what function means to us and what really inspires us in daily life.

Photography : Peter Pflügler

© Sunwoo Jung